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Addicted to your echos, blinded by your light
Haunted by your holograms, visiting every night
Thinking of your voice until you're just a thought
An image in my head, made up and pretend
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 2 0
Ultraviolet Atmospheres
Pieces of my memory scattered in disorder
Ultimately failing to matter at all
Remembering things a little before her
Preventing my heartbreak by ceasing the silence
Lavender love with Royal demands
Exiting this world, I lose myself again
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 1 0
Changes in Temperature
Weathered because of winter, hurting from the fall
It's been hard to spring back up, heavy weight I haul
Time goes fast, I look back
My time’s the past, don't think I’ll last
Summer awaits and I'm fearful for the future
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 1 3
Running While Motionless
The sun shines brightly yet not on me
Simply watching am I, under the shade of a tree
Forgetting time and rhyme without a care
The shade makes it look like I'm not even there
Maybe it's true
I woke up today with a sense of false warmth
The sun emitted such comforting orange light
It reminded me of times of old
Reminded me of when I forgot it all
When I forgot you
Time is going forwards
My mind is looking backwards
Your eyes face forward
Going no where but backwards am I
I won't forget you
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 2 0
Restless in Thought
I'm an open book, yet they all hide their pages
Others may slow while thinking when my mind races
But who thinks more is never a competition, it's seen as unneeded
Those who think more than usual are unheeded, they determine that in such little time.
Why is daydreaming such a crime when mindless tasks are seen as better uses of the day and dreaming with no control is the night.
Some prefer to remain closed, yet I like being read
People must think these thoughts, as I do, must they leave it unsaid?
Instead of being read I tread ahead and my thoughts remain unique
If stronger in number then what I think is weak
The future looks bleak for the man who speaks what he thinks
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 1 0
Bittersweet Nostalgia
There's nothing more odd then waiting for time
Dwelling on the past, nothing seems to last, memories are glass and break quite quickly
People don't see this, they can't understand.
Is it alright to think at this height
It's hard to breath when up this high
As time goes on we say goodbye
When looking back is saying hello
I say hello to a friend
One who changes often and I barely remember
Like December he is cold
Yet thinking of him gives me warmth.
Look to the future and find uncertainty
Look behind the present and find the same thing
Everything changes
Nothing is constant
The past is a window just waiting to be broken
Looking back, nothing lasts
The present is words forever being spoken.
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 1 3
Am I here or just a ghost?
My human host overdosed on the sadness it wants to dissapear
It's always the pain I feel the most
No one hears a ghost and those who do are called insane.
I swear I exist
The thought I can't resist
If you insist
I guess I'm invisible.
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 4 2
Back Once Again
Enter in my fears from cold and airy rooms
Enter in familiar faces, silence they consume
Blink and it's over, stare and stay still
Starting the day, feeling okay, thinking of time as an enemy to kill
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 1 3
Killing in the name of whomever seems fit
Kindling a fire that is not lit
Caring too little, meaningless ties
False obligations, forever lies
Throats you slit of plastic men, in the end you'll die
Your complexes vex artificial minds, they cannot see but to them you are blind
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 0 0
Just Passing By
You'd never believe the things I see
Everything walks by me so gracefully
Everything I see, so fresh and so new
So beautiful and breathtaking, if only you knew
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 1 0
Silence me and stand above me, ever so great
Do it all for so called love but fill me with such hate
Cage me til I speak no more, not one single word
Eating me away, forever blind you'll stay
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 0 0
Never Let Go
Let's talk and talk til our lungs give out
Exhale your heart with words of true meaning
The things we speak loud but need not shout
Emotions so true when speaking to you
I never want to go home
Outside of this it's so bitter and cold
Please, never let go
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 0 3
Blue is the Loneliest Color
Who knew blue could be so beautiful, the lonely foamy seas
The clear summer skies that comes with a free summer breeze
The feelings of feeling alone, the only feelings I feel are true
I never knew blue could be so beautiful until I saw you
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 3 0
Looking Down (colorless version) by nickwrocks1 Looking Down (colorless version) :iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 0 0 Looking down by nickwrocks1 Looking down :iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 2 0
When words have kept their meaning, can I decide my feelings?
Must senseless neutrality decide my fate?
When I choose to stay blind and not see a thing
When I dare not open my eyes
The world may crumble beneath my feet
But I, myself, am fine.
:iconnickwrocks1:nickwrocks1 0 0


Poetry Commission
I write poetry, it's what I do. I've found that when given a certain subject or topic or emotion to write about I can write them pretty well with some good thinking and a lot of eraser marks. Some examples of what you could commission me writing for is a love poem or a poem on a subject or fandom or anything your heart desires. As long as it isn't too narrative, I can make whatever subject or main idea you have into a feely emotional poem. The price is set to 200 points or two dollars. Too high for you Well I'm sorry, because I value what I do as art, and these days artists ask for huge amounts of money for something as simple as a sketch. Well this is like a sketch, it will take a lot of editing and revising and hours of thinking of the right words and I think two dollars is reasonable. 

So to sum it up:

You give topic/subject/emotion/idea, I write a poem about it.

The length of the poem is whatever I feel is best unless specified. No this does not mean it will be too short, it just means don't expect the 200 points to translate to how many lines the poem is going to be.


'Cause They Fool Me Everytime (June SHD) [OW] by Oakfur422 'Cause They Fool Me Everytime (June SHD) [OW] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 9 0 Late Night Talks (Sketch CM) [RGW] by Oakfur422 Late Night Talks (Sketch CM) [RGW] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 13 7 Not Like What You're Thinking (2016 Ref) [OW] by Oakfur422 Not Like What You're Thinking (2016 Ref) [OW] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 21 3 Number of the Beast (May SHD 203) [OW] by Oakfur422 Number of the Beast (May SHD 203) [OW] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 19 9 The Bhuddiac Plane (AST APRIL) [OW] by Oakfur422 The Bhuddiac Plane (AST APRIL) [OW] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 11 5 Art Vs Artist [Me/Various] by Oakfur422 Art Vs Artist [Me/Various] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 11 10 White Rose in Colored Pencil by TheHighHills White Rose in Colored Pencil :iconthehighhills:TheHighHills 9 8 Prince With a Thousand Enemies by TheHighHills Prince With a Thousand Enemies :iconthehighhills:TheHighHills 10 0 I'm Graduating Today. by GirlWithTheGreenHat I'm Graduating Today. :icongirlwiththegreenhat:GirlWithTheGreenHat 92 13 She'll Tempt Your Fate [DA:I] by Oakfur422 She'll Tempt Your Fate [DA:I] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 9 4 Xhainro: The Celestial Sovereign [Naughts Bastion] by Oakfur422 Xhainro: The Celestial Sovereign [Naughts Bastion] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 13 3 Apparently I CAN Draw MLP [Original?] by Oakfur422 Apparently I CAN Draw MLP [Original?] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 4 7 Chell's Flight (Commission) [Portal] by Oakfur422 Chell's Flight (Commission) [Portal] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 6 1 I Am The One [DA:I / OOS] by Oakfur422 I Am The One [DA:I / OOS] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 13 10 Xelice, The Astral Enchantress [OrgEternal] by Oakfur422 Xelice, The Astral Enchantress [OrgEternal] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 14 9 Look Into My Eyes, It's Where My Demons Hide [OOS] by Oakfur422 Look Into My Eyes, It's Where My Demons Hide [OOS] :iconoakfur422:Oakfur422 14 16


100 word minimum, certainly do-able. I'm not sure how you want this to be critiqued so I'll break it down into two sections. ANATOMY: L...



Artist | Literature
United States
I am a writer, I like to write, and I also like reading but I can't draw for shit(UPDATE: apparently I can kinda draw a little). I do stuff with Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas sometimes, and I have a YouTube channel for that stuff:…
If you for some reason like my work, be sure to comment on it.
And if you for some reason hate my work, be sure to comment on it.
Thank you for actually reading this and DFTBA (Don't forget to be awesome)
(My old/alternate YouTube Channel is down below)

Anyways, poems are being written as I get the inspiration to write as always, although I do seem to be writing less and less and that's not something I'm the happiest about. I'm really hoping my inspiration to write doesn't completely go away when summer starts like it usually does, I'm gonna start writing on my free time even when I don't have anything in mind to write about. Poetry is something I think I'll always continue doing though, I can't imagine myself stopping any time soon because it's something I enjoy and my poems are things a few others seem to enjoy as well. On a similar note, my commissions are still open in case anyone wants to commission me for something. Commissions or not, the poems aren't stopping any time soon.

In personal news, things have been going as usual. Spring break, however, should be very fun. I'm visiting one of the colleges I am interested in and I'm going to see Batman Vs. Superman tomorrow night at 9:30 in IMAX and both of those events should be very fun.

I hate to keep this update short but I'm running out of things to say so thank you for checking me and my poetry out whoever may read this and I hope everyone has a spectacular spring break! 
  • Listening to: "Angel Wings" by Mike Ault Feat. Avianna Acid
  • Playing: Borderlands: The Pre Sequel



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;) just a tip, the smaller you draw, the easier it is to do.
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Thanks, if I ever somehow become decent at drawing (In which case pigs would start flying and I would win the lottery) I will remember that.
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